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Second Hand Shopping

I like possible old items more than new ones. Finding an old and special product, I start shopping with the excitement of owning a product with a story or history and finding vintage products.

The spirit of life seems peaceful to me. My aunt had a frequent reseller in Izmir. It was a tiny shop; What we would buy old lace, clothes, plates and what. I do not know many antiques in Istanbul, I know antiques, but shopping from them also takes heart 🙂

It is very common to buy second hand stuff in the Netherlands. FacebookThere are a lot of pages even sold; Clothes, toys, strollers, kitchen utensils. I also wear my daughter's clothes Marktplaats’dan sold

In Turkey, I wish more shops selling 2nd hand though. Maybe it creates a barrier in front of the consumption frenzy. The children we buy are saturated within 20 minutes. If it is a washable toy, I immediately throw it into the machine and clean the unwashed toys with a disinfectant spray.

While in Turkey blogs I follow people living abroad are among the most loved ones I saw what she bought from second-hand shops, and I sighed. Hollanda’ya taşındıktan Soon after, my researcher journalist personality and I started to search for second hand shops.

In Eindhoven, I wrote the shops that I like to sell second hand goods. If you like buying second-hand items, you can surely find something that interests you in these shops.

You can browse stores, websites, see photos of some products.

PS: Don't leave the shops without checking the opening and closing times 🙂

De Grootste Bazaar :


Het Goed ‘in içinde üst katta çok sevimli bir cafesi var


If I am asked about my favorite shop among these shops, my answer is: Kringloopwinkel Het GoedIt is a little different from the image of the old or second hand shops in our minds. It smells good inside, the clothes are separated according to their colors and sizes. All items are clean and tidy. There is a large library downstairs of the shop. I bought many books at a very affordable price for my daughter and myself. On the upper floor, there are furniture, lamps, frames and home textile products.

Second-hand shops create a sense of travel in time.

Have fun already.


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