How to Manage Your Mindset For Leadership

How to Manage Your Mindset For Leadership

Last month, I attended to a 3-day training program called The C.L.E.A.R.™ Mindset Leadership Fundamentals by Grooa Leadership academy. The program was designed and led by Laura Lozza who is thinker, developer, trainer and coach in Grooa, a Norwegian company which has decided to open a European hub. She trains how to manage your mindset for leadership.

The program took place in a charming venue, restored from a part of an old farm in Gemert municipality, 30 minutes from Eindhoven. This venue has plenty guest rooms on upstairs, a conference room and kitchen on downstairs. They are offering breakfast, lunch and delicious evening meals as an add-on option to the program.

Personally, there were some great learnings and useful new perspectives that opened up new possibilities for how I interact with other people. Also received many advices for my personal development. I became more aware of my behavioral choices, both conscious and unconscious, so that I am now in a better position to choose how I want to show up.


The program was very interactive. We discussed different methods and we practice them with workgroup. If we had encountered such a problem before, we gave feedback to each other how to apply the methods we learned.

One exercise that stands out from others, at least for me, was mindfulness exercise. No one talked to each other for 15 minutes. Ever since smartphones have been released, every minute has been spent either checking out emails or text messages.

So, during this exercise, we were completely disconnected. We collected 5 objects from the forest and later we told each other what they meant for us. I realised that by giving myself the time to stop and refresh my brain, I was feeling more, sharper and more present than when I frantically multitask on a regular day.

One of my key learnings from this exercise is that I often keep my head busy with many conflicting thoughts which create fatigue more than clarity, thus I get distracted by small details and couldn’t let it go, while now learnt to shift the view and look at the big picture to gain more clarity despite of losing focus with small details.

After this program, I highly recommend to keep the booklet, which is a kind of reference and reminder on your personal development journey. If you would like to learn more about Grooa’s programs, I strongly recommend that you check out their website. With their own words;

“The uniqueness of the C.L.E.A.R.™ Mindset Approach is the focus on Personal Transformation.


Unlike most traditional leadership training’s (especially those related to innovation, negotiations and conflict management), which focus on the process of changing others or the situation to suit our needs, we focus on how to shift our personal attitude and behavior to be the best leaders that we can be.

The Model is based on a thorough understanding of behavioral neuroscience combined with an in-depth knowledge of the complex ever-changing arena of today’s business. The Method is simple and sequential, with lots of practical examples and real life case studies to allow immediate applicability.”

I would like to thank Sharon Chirila and Elena Digirolamo once more for their support and assistance during training. I strongly recommend if you are willing to discover yourself and about your leadership potential with this high end program.


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