Corona Günlerinde Ruh Sağlığımızı Nasıl Korumalıyız?

How Should We Protect Our Mental Health During Corona Days?

Wherever we look, social media, news channels, our friends, our family, the only topic we talk about is the Corona virus. Schools nurseries, workplaces are closed. Nowadays when social life is destroyed and everyone has to protect their social isolation. The virus and the uncertainty it creates increases our level of anxiety and anxiety day by day. To manage our concerns Expert Psychologist Elif Öykü Tolun We talked to “Covid19 and Our Mental Health”.

Corona news, right and left, behind and behind us. Our only agenda is virus balance and ways of protection. We have learned very well how to physically protect ourselves from the virus, but we do not know how to protect our psychology. How will we balance our psychology in this process?

The stress of the Corona Virus we are experiencing is new and uncertain This is very normal. We are experiencing an uncertainty and no one is or does not know exactly what will happen after a month, any we don't have control and the news we watch is too much concern It contains. This uncontrolled and uncertainty triggers stress.

What we call stress / anxiety is actually protection against our dangers Our mechanism. The danger arises in an instant, puts us in an alarm and allows us to prepare for danger. Frequency, duration and dose of anxiety at extreme levels, then it starts to cause problems. The problem these days is precisely this anxiety continues as we stay at home as we watch the news.

Corona ve kaygılar

First of all, it is necessary to stay away from information pollution. From Whatsapp groups and a lot of inaccurate and panic-transmitting information from social media maintained. There is a program on TV about this at all hours of the day. you watch Be selective in the information and resources you receive. A certain hour or a certain day programs / news channels and select only time he tried it following programs Get information.

This is a difficult time for all of us, but we have to look at the positive aspects of this situation and turn this time into an opportunity. We can start doing things that we have been wanting to do for some time and had no time. Reading books, learning new things, searching for people you haven't been talking to for a long time, exercising, trying new recipes, spending time with our spouse and children .

Plan your day. Plan what you will do that day in the morning. There is no need for big things, watching movies, playing sports, making cakes, skin such as maintaining, organizing cabinets, writing, doing handicrafts. If the plan If you do not stick to this, at the end of the day, he has finished the day without doing anything. you may feel that the days are empty. Other kind of doing and completing things adds meaning to your day

It is very important to remain calm in this process, it makes more sense when we are calm we think and make the right decisions. So plan to you, I have the feeling of control data.

Add the Minfulness-meditation-sports / walking trio to your life to reduce your stress level. Take a shower more often, increase contact with hot water, for calming herbal teas. Remember that if we can calm our body, we will calm down psychologically.

relax tea

As the number of corona increases, people go to the markets in groups. They feel the need to store food and drink more than they need. We have watched people fighting in toilet paper in many countries. Is there a psychological explanation for storing toilet paper?

In this uncertain and new situation, we said that the lack of control of people in any way is one of the stressful factors. It is precisely for this reason that stocking toilet paper and food. People are relieved to think that they take some control.

In this uncertain and new situation, we said that the lack of control of people in any way is one of the stressful factors. It is precisely for this reason that stocking toilet paper and food. People are relieved to think that they take some control. It is the psychological reason behind this situation to feel themselves ready for a possible situation and to relax, to experience the feeling in control. Because nobody knows how long this situation will last, and after a while, they look at the news and make reasonable decisions, and look at other people and take the feeling that I should take it.


How does living under the limited living space or quarantine, which are very foreign to many of us, trigger emotions in people, how do you propose to deal with these emotions?

It is normal for us to feel stress, fear and anxiety during this period. Because we are experiencing an uncertain and unexpected event. Managing stress and It is very important in this period to ensure that we have control. That's why;

Don't interrupt your social relationships, what you normally talk about Continue video calling even if you cannot physically talk to your friends. In fact, how long I was going to call, I was thinking that there was no opportunity Call, talk to friends and relatives

Online sports, even if you normally go to sports and your gym is closed Keep doing the sport at home by watching the videos. If you are a non-sports person it's time to start.

Sports and meditation in this process Both to reduce our stress-distress level Sports and meditation both in this process to reduce our stress-distress level both to stay healthy and to keep our immune system high they are indispensable. Breathing exercises from the Internet and a for beginners you can find many examples of meditation

Try not to sit up late at night, not to get up too late in the morning, maintain your body's sleep balance. You must go to the balcony every day and If you can get air in the park, take a walk.

In the middle of everything, our children who are unaware of what is happening are watching us with anxiety and fear. What should we do to prevent these developments from becoming traumatic in the future of our children?

First of all, people who are with the family / child should be calm, Let us be a good example in the period, and not expose them to stress.

Instead of spending the whole day at home with pajamas, both parents and children He wears his clothes, if the pajamas are changed back in the evening, it is not like staying, it continues more normal. Not to be surprised much than sleeping hours Try.

We must tell the children that this is a temporary time. This process with our children we have to see it as an opportunity.

Rather than leaving the children entirely on their own, it would be useful to make a list that we divide the day into hours and write down what hours to do that day.

Instead of leaving the children completely, we divide the day into hours it is useful to make a list and write what to do between that day It will be. How to cook at home, apart from lessons and games, How are the whites separated when washing laundry, which laundry detergent put in the eye, how to sew the button, how to wash the dishes, how to clean the house to teach children what we've never done, in everyday life like it will be useful to turn them into activities we do with your child.

Television and tablet clocks will of course extend according to normal. Talking together according to their age, they decide on a certain time per day and to tell the child that it will not be overtaken and that it will be back to old when the schools are opened must.

People's working from home gave a new neck to husband and wife relationships. Should we expect a second baby-boomer wave? Or is it starting a profitable period for divorce lawyers? How would you advise spouses to support each other in this process?

How spouses use this process is very important. I'm sure all spouses For years, commuting to work, child's school, household chores are almost together. they can't spend any precious time. Take this as an opportunity and Spending quality time is crucial to keeping relationships healthy. Together they can interact together rather than just sit and watch television it is useful for them to choose the activities. Family games that can be played together (box games, even the name city) cooking together, a new topic such as reading, learning, meditating, taking care of the garden.

Family games that can be played together (box games, even the name can be city), cooking together, learning to read a new topic, discussing, meditating, gardening

If you work from home, make yourself an hour list again, get up at the same time, take a break at the same time, eat lunch at the same time. Plan what you have to do for work that day in the morning.


Even if that person is your spouse, spending time for the same house having to come from time to time. Problems can arise fights. This In situations like this, notice what makes you angry, upset, or stressful. and do not suppress this feeling. Understand the reason for your emotion, how you feel what is the reason, experience the emotion and try to calm yourself (breath exercises can be used). Remember that what others say and you can't control what they do but how you react to them you can check.

Unutmayın ki, başkalarının söyledikleri ve yaptıkları şeyleri kontrol edemezsiniz ama onlara karşı nasıl tepki verdiğinizi kontrol edebilirsiniz.

Let's not forget that during this stressful period, this period is difficult for the person in front of us, Instead of discussing each other, calm and listen to the other side and solve the problems. it is necessary to try to bring

If you have big fights, if the situation seems to get worse during the fight, take a break, not too long breaks, like 10-20 minutes. Keep calm and continue the discussion and try to solve it, do not leave without solving. If the topic gets too big that day, if the break is not working, leave it the next day, discuss the next day and solve the issue.

And remember that therapists continue their sessions online, you can start getting help in this process or you can continue your sessions online. This process can be very useful for practicing the practices you will learn / learn in the sessions and you can benefit by reversing this process.

Who is Elif Öykü Tolun ???

She studied Psychology degree at Özyeğin University on a scholarship and graduated with highest honors from the department. During this period, she was entitled to be an exchange student in the Netherlands as one of the 2 selected by her department courses and English language success and she was educated at Tilburg University for a period. During her undergraduate education, she gained experience in practical fields by doing internships in many fields. -Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital and Reem Neuropsychiatry Center worked with adults, -Maltepe Municipality Nursery School with children, - Peace in Germany, Nachbarschaftstreffpunkt. Following her undergraduate education, she completed her MA in Clinical Psychology at Bournemouth University, where she entered with a scholarship for success in the UK. He served as a trainee and assistant of Hava Drummond. He has continued to receive supervision for a while and sees her clients with CBT, Mindfulness and Game Therapy methods.


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