Türkiye’den Hollanda’ya Göç Eden Doktorlar

Immigrant Doctors to the Netherlands from Turkey

Medical school graduates have emigrated from Turkey and specialist doctors writing this for you. Get your tea and coffee. Turkey's six years of medical training, after training, then TUS exam and medicine. If you migrated, the process starts again! If you immigratedIf you immigrated

We had an interview with Evşen Polattaş Solak, who is working as a radiologist in Turkey and emigrated to the Netherlands because of her husband, told us about the processes in order to be eligible for working in the Netherlands.

Doctors who emigrated from Turkey, where they should start to work as doctors in the Netherlands?

First of all, if you want to be a doctor in the Netherlands, you need to speak Dutch well. They don't have a written request that you should definitely know at the following level, it doesn't matter whether you are at B2 level or C1 level. The important thing is how well you speak Dutch. Without improving your language level First, it is not recommended to apply for equivalence exams. Because if your language level is not very good, you cannot succeed in these exams. I went to a private language course. Language learning varies from person to person, the process is very different for everyone. I'm at level C1 but I still feel I can't speak comfortably

Language learning varies from person to person, the process is very different for everyone.

Speaking skill what would you recommend to improve?

  • There are speaking cafes (taalcafe) in libraries in the Netherlands. They can join here on certain days of the week,
  • Speech coach
  • You send requests to the speech coach to some organizations, your name is written on the waiting lists, after a certain time, you will be queued.
  • Volunteering jobs (vrijwilligerswerk)

After completing language learning, the doctor What adventure awaits its candidates?

There are 2 exams you need to take in order to work as a doctor in the Netherlands:

AKV The exam you will take consists of four steps. Language in these exams your competence is being evaluated. If you are not successful, take the exam again you have the right The total cost of the exam is 530 Euros.

A - In the first step You are summarizing a Dutch article (80 words max), you are preparing a 5-minute presentation with a program similar to power pointe, after the presentation, you will be asked about a question for 5 minutes. The important thing here is to make a good summary and to use Dutch fluently, not to make grammatical mistakes. The first part where they check the competence of your language is this exam. Institution conducting the exam (Babel)it usually chooses one of 10 existing articles, 3 new articles were added in the last year, the number of existing articles increased from 7 to 10. Generally, it is sufficient to prepare for these articles.

B-Second step 12-15 minute patient physician interview. Simulated patient tells you about your complaints. If you listen to this patient's story, you need to query in detail. Here, you are not expected to make a diagnosis, this is not the medical exam you take, but the language exam. The important thing in this exam is to to show sufficient empathy, fluent and accurate language use. Also available here One of the case topics is coming, one or two new in the last 1 year case added to questions. Usually it is enough to prepare for them. Here the challenging situation is that the speech is dependent on the simulated patient in front of you.

The most difficult part of people is these two step. Unfortunately, these steps are repeated most often.

C-Üçüncü Basamak İngilizce makale ve çoktan seçmeli test. Burada da eski soruları çalışmak yeterli oluyor.

D-Fourth Step A test about the Dutch health system. Its There is also a recommended book for (Volksgezondheid en gezondheidszorg, J.P. Mackenbach) There is also a summary of this book and old questions. Based on old questions working saves time. We share our experiences with each other, there are whatsapp groups with whom we get ideas, when we go into the process, you can access all these resources and platforms.

You can enter these four steps over and over again. However, you need to pay the relevant tier each time.

Hollanda’da doktorluk

What happens next after all four steps have passed there is ?

Next exam science exam, name BI  and it consists of three steps: basic sciences, clinical sciences and clinical skills. The first step is VGT. A test of 200 questions. There is a recommended series of books to prepare (compendium geneeskundeAll students of the medical faculty in the Netherlands (excluding Rotterdam Erasmus MC) take this exam four times a year. Your results are compared with the results of 6th grade students. Second examclinical sciences exam, DKK. There are 100 case questions, it is possible to reach old questions, and as far as we learn from the examinees, old questions appear in the exam. VGT and DKK are held at the computer, in UMC Maastricht. Third exam DKV, clinical skills exam. Anamnesis, physical examination, possible diagnosis and treatment plan in 10 simulated patients. There are workshops for this. Association representing doctors living in the Netherlands and educated in other countriesVBGAorganizes workshops every year. DKV UMC is held in Nijmegen

The negative side of BI exam is that You only have the right to enter once. This exam is basically our based on detecting our shortcomings and does not repeat.

The health ministry or government does not provide guidance when preparing for this exam. There are non-governmental organizations where you can get information and support on this subject (VBGA, ACTA, UAF). Your exam result determines your missing points and the advice you will receive. The evaluation is not done as passing or passing.

From the committee evaluating your exam resultsCBGVthere are three results:

The best result: You are considered direct or almost competent, 3 months working under a supervisor.

The second result: Doing an internship in the department determined by the committee from 6 months to 2 years. In this process, you arrange your internship yourself and the education fee can be around 10 thousand-20 thousand euro if you are not a European Union citizen. This fee varies according to the time they want you to do your internship and the university where you do your internship.

Third and worst scenario on the other hand, as they do not find you competent, as a repetition of all medical education. This final result is the rarest. Often the first two results are obtained.

Hollanda’da doktor olarak çalışmak

Documents You Must Collect Before Application;

The process is a bit complicated. What to do link explaining in steps

Application form Mandatory and optional on page 10 there is a list of documents

We translate the documents to be valid in the Netherlands, English is accepted. Translation is more economical to make in Turkey. Documents translated into sworn translators are notarized and apostilled. (Apostilled: means making documents internationally valid. If there is a mutual agreement between countries). This process of Turkey's governorships or prefectures doing free.

Gather the necessary documents, 14 pages Filling out the Dutch application form and preparing your Dutch CV then to the address in Den Haag, which also writes all your documents on the form you are sending or hand delivery to the delivery address on the same form You can. If you want to deliver by hand, you need to call and make an appointment.

You have about 6 weeks after handing over. During this time, you get the answer and you will see your original diploma Nuffic You are asked to take it to the institution named or send it. At the end of these evaluations, you pay the exam fee and receive your codes so that you can register for the first step of the first test, AKV. You register your exam using the codes. It takes time to collect documents, documents have a validity date. So remember to keep this in mind when making your planning.

The process is long but not impossible, it can vary from 2 to 4 years. This depends on your language learning time, how much you focus on the exams, whether you repeat the exams or not.

All this process, you have to make another application for the equivalence of the medical faculty diploma, that is, if you are an expert, you can be recognized after these exams. This process is different for every specialty. Again, some documents are delivered, you document your education and work experience. In a few examples I have witnessed, they have been asked to repeat some (1-2 years), but not all, of specialized training. ” But mostly it seems that the specialty training should be repeated. ” My knowledge on this subject is not complete. I will experience and learn. I proceed step by step not to be demotive.

There are successful examples entering and running the system. I have just passed two steps of the AKV and am preparing for the other two steps. Some exams were stuck on the corona virus barrier, and Babel postponed group exams until June 2020.

Finally, I think it is very important to be included in the system as soon as possible for language development. Studying at home is not enough. Since March, I started working in VUMC as an observer in neuroradiology for networking and professional development. I do an internship in a psychiatry clinic 2 days a week. Unfortunately, all these internships have been postponed for a while now under the corona measures.

 I wish success to all my colleagues who intend to enter this process.


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