Paskalya Nedir? Ne zaman Kutlanır?

What is Easter? When is Easter ?

For many people in the Netherlands, Easter will be very different this year. In order not to spread the corona virus further, no church meetings, collective egg hunts, and celebration dinner with family and friends will take place.

What is Easter?

Paskalya, Hz. İsa’nın çarmıha gerilmesinden sonraki üçüncü günde, mezardan yeniden dirilişinin kutlandığı bir Hristiyan festivalidir. Bu dönemde yas tutmanın bir işareti olarak, Katolik kiliseleri ve katedralleri Kutsal Cuma ve Paskalya Pazarları arasındaki dönemde çanlarını çalmazlar. 

Easter is also seen as a spring festival. With the end of winter, it is celebrated that the fertile soil returns to its core.

When is Easter Celebrated?

Easter will be celebrated this year on Sunday, April 12, 2020. Celebration date varies from year to year. The reason for this change is that Easter is celebrated on Sunday after the first full moon in spring.

The Meaning of Egg and Rabbit at Easter 

Painted and decorated Easter eggs were first used in the 13th century. The church forbade eating eggs during the holy week, but since the chickens continued to lay eggs during that week, they began to design and use them as decoration as 'Holy Week' eggs.

It is believed that the egg symbolizes life again, just as Jesus has become the symbol of this resurrection, just as Jesus is resurrected from the grave. Burying the eggs in the soil can be described as a kind of prayer for the fields to become fertile again.

The tradition of associating the rabbit with Easter emerged in the Protestant regions of Europe in the 17th century, but this was not very common in Europe until the 19th century.

It is believed that German immigrants brought the use of the Easter bunny to the Netherlands,' wrote Kunst en Cultuur. In 1825, the Easter Bunny gained even more fame in the Netherlands through a translated German book. In the 1960s, 1961, S.J. Van der Molen saw the Easter bunny as a new tradition. ”

It is believed that the Easter bunny decorates and hides the eggs. However, in some European countries, not only rabbits represent Easter. Easter bells, also called cuckoo in Switzerland, fox in Westphalia and Roman bells in France, are also symbols used during Easter.

Easter Bunny

Easter in the Netherlands

Traditional treats for Easter are made in the Netherlands. One of them is “paasstol”. A bread stuffed with raisins and marzipan. The same bread is made for Christmas, and this time it is called "kerststol". It is served for breakfast and lunch. Another food that comes out during this period is the Easter bunny made from chocolate and the Easter egg. Do not be surprised if you see eggs and rabbit-shaped chocolates everywhere as Easter approaches.

On Easter morning, children are said to hide the eggs that the Easter bunny has processed in the garden or between plants. Children go hunting for eggs and are happy to race the eggs and chocolates they find.

Due to Covid 19, all events in the Netherlands were canceled, as in all parts of the world.

I hope next year will offer us health, happiness and lots of rabbit chocolate.


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