The Netherlands Vs Holland

The Netherlands Vs Holland

The Netherlands -Holland
Do you think of a single country when you hear these two? At least it is Google Translate. But the truth is different!

Netherlands /Hollanda
Holland /Kuzey ve Güney Hollanda

Netherlands ve Holland, çoğul bir isme sahip olmasına rağmen tek bir ülkedir. Netherlands ülkenin resmi ismi olarak kullanılıyor. Daha doğrusu Hollanda hükümeti 2019 yılında yaptığı açıklama ile, uluslararasında ‘Holland’ olarak ülkeyi tanıtmayı bırakacağını ve bunun yerine “NETHERLANDS” kelimesini kullanacağını belirtti. Ve bu isim değişikliğinin toplam maaliyeti 200,000 Euro.

New logo of Netherlands

(Netherlands) consists of twelve states. Drenthe, Gelderland, Groningen, Flevoland, Friesland, Limburg, North Brabant, North Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht, Zealand and South Holland.


(Holland) actually means only two states of North-Holland and South-Holland. However, the Netherlands name is usually (Netherlands) when it is all meant

The rest of the country cannot actually be described with Holland, but this is something that is often said. Especially internationally the term Holland is more common than the name Netherlands. People living in the eastern and southern regions of the country are somewhat offended by the term Holland, as it only describes the above-mentioned part. According to them, Hollander is a word they use when they talk about people living in the western part. The decision taken in 2019 sprinkled some water into people living outside the Holland region. Now let them think 🙂 (those living in Holland)

When was “Holland” Known as the Whole Netherlands?

The region representing the Netherlands between 1588 and 1795 was the Seven United Republics of the Netherlands. The Republic was conquered by the French troops in 1795 and became the Batavian Republic. Napoleon converted the country into a kingdom in 1806 by appointing his brother Louis as king. The Netherlands remained a kingdom after the defeat of Napoleon. Holland The so-called region made the greatest contribution to the economy and wealth of the entire country. Therefore, it has become a widely used name to denote the whole country.

Oxford English DictionaryThe term Dutch is the remnant of the common Germanic era some time before the Germans, Dutch and other Northern Europeans were divided into different tribes. Initially, the word Dutch meant 'popular' as opposed to the learned elite used in Latin rather than 'German' as it was 'among the people'.


According to Google translate, the word Dutch means Netherland people


Ps Dictionary.comAs wrote, in the early 1500s, parts of the Netherlands and Germany were part of the Holy Roman Empire, along with Belgium and Luxembourg. Especially High Dutch (High Dutch) phrase is for people in the mountain area. Current southern Germany; Low Dutch, now to people on the flatlands in the Netherlands

As a result, 'Holland' refers to the states of North and South Holland

Talking about the country as a whole, “Netherlands”

If you want to say Netherlands people or Dutch, you can use the word “Dutch”.


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