En Kolay Elektrikli Scooter Uygulaması

The Easiest Electric Scooter Application

Netherlandsthe land of cycling. We can say not only bike land, but also scooter and electric scooter land. If you like cycling, but you are a slow cycling user. You can use “Go Sharing”, the easiest electric scooter rental application, to reach where you need to arrive on time.

If you want the electric of the scooter, you will see the cute little green e-scooters when you look around more carefully. When I first saw Go Sharing, I thought it was a courier company because of the label on it. Then, when I saw many e-scooters parked in the streets, I was on Google with this cute thing and met Go Sharing.

GO sharing

So How Do We Use It?

First of all, you need to download the Go Sharing App on your phone.

The GO Sharing application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. After downloading the app, now it's time to register. You only pay per minute and there is no registration fee.

No Long Validation Procedures

You want to start right away, but this is impossible without verifying your personal details and driving license. After everything is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message. Then choose a suitable package for you

Now is Finding the E-Scooter

In the app you can see all e-scooters on the map. Choose the e-scooter closest to you. You have 15 minutes now. You have to go to the e-scooter of your choice within 15 minutes.

You found your e-scooter you booked. Check first for any damage. If there is damage, please report it in the app. You can do this by clicking the exclamation mark. Then scan the QR code on the e-scooter or click the "start" button in the app to open the e-scooter. You can now go on a journey.

So How Do I Deliver E-Scooters?

You can park the e-scooter in a designated place in the open green area (service area). Pay attention to whether you park in accordance with the traffic rules. You can only end your vehicle at the service area. Click on the 'Last ride' application and the e-scooter will be closed.

That is all. Even if you've never used a motor before, don't be afraid. A very fun journey awaits you.

Don't forget to enjoy the wind and follow traffic rules.


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